Sallie Harker

The gallery features a selection of original oil and watercolour paintings by Sallie Harker, including the popular “Cruising the Caribbean” series painted in oil on Wallaba shingles. These Seascapes depicting traditional Caribbean sailing craft, such as yoles from Martinique, the Carib canoes, Cariacou sloops and Bequia boats capture the romance of sailing in the tropics. More recent shingle paintings include a series of native birds, turtles and fish decorated with pacific pattern using gold leaf.

Sallie also uses the technique of watercolor to capture the effects of light on water. Her magical series of beach and coastline paintings radiate with the colours of sun, sea and sand. There is also a large selection of affordable archival prints by Sallie Harker

Bruce Smith

One of the best known Caribbean artists, Bruce smith’s self taught native style can be seen throughout the Caribbean and in all 32 Bahama Breeze restaurants in the United States. He’s also illustrated books like Edward Hamiltons “Rums of the Eastern Caribbean”

Bruce continues to paint original works that depict life in the islands and can can be seen on murals in the British Virgin isalnds, and at art exhibitions around the caribbean.

To contact Bruce email him at

Naydene Gonella

Naydene Gonella has developed an original style using the encaustic technique. She captures the lights, colour and movement of the Caribbean.

Jan Jackson

Jan Jackson specialsies in photographs of Caribbean birds. Her charming collection of pelicans, egrets and humming birds capture Antiguan wildlife at its best.

Janet Harker

Janet Harker’s delicate watercolour paintings of fish are popular with snorkelers and divers.

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