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Sallie Harker

The gallery features a selection of original oil and watercolour paintings by Sallie Harker, including the popular “Cruising the Caribbean” series painted in oil on Wallaba shingles. These Seascapes depicting traditional Caribbean sailing craft, such as yoles from Martinique, the Carib canoes, Cariacou sloops and Bequia boats capture the romance of sailing in the tropics. More recent shingle paintings include a series of native birds, turtles and fish decorated with pacific pattern using gold leaf.

Sallie also uses the technique of watercolor to capture the effects of light on water. Her magical series of beach and coastline paintings radiate with the colours of sun, sea and sand. There is also a large selection of affordable archival prints by Sallie Harker.

Jacob Scott

Jacob Scott lives on a remote beach in Bequia. He makes his living from creating innovative crafts from everything that washes up on the beach. His black coral jewelry and original beach rope baskets and mirrors are extremely popular. He also makes sea fan hats, baskets and lampshades.

Nzimbu Browne

From St Vincent, Nzimbu’s banana leaf pictures of Caribbean scenes, capturing the history and traditions of the islands: - Beach Day, Kite Flying, Riding donkeys, Market Ladies, Cricket etc

Ezekiel Jno Baptiste

Dominican artist Ezekiel uses graphic images of all manner of sea creatures to carve into the surface of the calabash. His craft line includes calabash bowls, birds, boxes and shakers.

Milton Pottery

Milton Pottery makes traditional Antiguan pottery figurines. For example, the ‘Market Lady’, ‘The Cricketer’, ‘The Donkey Man’ and ‘The Drummer Boy’.

Elvis Valmond

Elvis Valmond is an indigenous Kalinago Indian from the Carib territory in Dominica. Among the crafts he makes are calabash and coconut turtles. The materials for which he gathers from the tropical rainforest.

Sue Shaw

Sue Shaw creates hand blown glass jewelry. Each piece is unique. Sue is a British artist whose jewelry reflects the vibrant colours of the Caribbean sea.

Georgie Tuson

Georgie Tuson is from Cariacou. She makes a delightful range of decorated, brightly painted calabash bowls, using Caribbean motifs.

Michael Hunt

Michael Hunt is based in Antigua his range of decorative tea pots are highly coollectable. He also makes one of a kind pieces in a variety of materials.

Bob Pyett

Bob Pyett’s unique collection of drift wood birds and fish are beautifully finished and can either be mounted on the walls or used as stand alone sculptures. The collection includes ‘The Happy Fish’, ‘The Egrets’ and ‘The Ducks.

Aragorn Dick Reed

Aragorn Dick Reed is a Tortolan artist. His collection of greeting cards are a great way of sending home the spirit of the isalnds. All are printed on recyclable paper.

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