About Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery


The gallery features a selection of original oil and watercolour paintings, including the popular “Cruising the Caribbean” series painted in oil on Wallaba shingles. These Seascapes depicting traditional Caribbean sailing craft, such as yoles from Martinique, the Carib canoes, Cariacou sloops and Bequia boats capture the romance of sailing in the tropics. More recent shingle paintings include a series of native birds, turtles and fish decorated with pacific pattern using gold leaf.

There is also a large selection of affordable archival prints artists from the region. The craft section features the work of leading contemporary Caribbean craftsmen, the emphasis is on the use of natural materials, an appreciation for the environment and traditional skills such as carving and ceramics, each item individually crafted by master craftsmen from throughout the chain of islands.

Come and enjoy good quality original works of art in a unique setting.

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Monday to Saturday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm (November to June)


Telephone number - +268 460 1234